Thijs on the Crossroads

Thijs speelt de blues en dan kom je op een gegeven moment op een kruispunt... Wie hij daar tegenkwam is moeilijk te zeggen, maar sinds die achternamiddag op het platteland van Laar klinken de noten die uit zijn gitaar komen een stuk beter...

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The Voyage of the Beagle into innovation: explorations on heterogeneity, selection, and sectors

The Beagle has landed! Paper co-authored with Martyin Srholec published in ICC.

The aim of the paper is to assess heterogeneity of the innovation process. Using exploratory factor analysis on micro data from the third Community Innovation Survey in 13 countries, we identify four patterns that can be interpreted as research, user, external, and production ingredients of innovation. All too often it is assumed that how firm innovate can be represented by differences across sectors and/or countries. To put this proposition under scrutiny, we partition variability of the factors scores into components identified by these higher levels. Sectors and countries matter to a certain extent, but far more of the variance is given by heterogeneity among firms within both of them. However, groups of firms produced by cluster analysis account for much higher share of the variance, which indicates that the most relevant stratification of the data cuts across the established sectoral and national boundaries. We discuss implications of these findings for understanding of selection in evolutionary economics and for the literature on innovation systems.


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New Working Papers

You may find some recent working papers of interest. One with Marco Capasso and Tania Treibich, entitled The medium-term effect of R&D on firm growth. Another one on Stylized facts of governance, institutions and economic development. Exploring the institutional profiles database, and another one together with Adam Szirmai: Manufacturing and Economic Growth in Developing Countries, 1950-2005.

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