Adrenaline remix

We Came As Strangers is an indie-band including guitarist Justin Sandercoe. They organized two remix competitions, offering others the opportunity to use the raw stems of their music to produce an own perspective on their music. I took the challenge and put together a remix of Adrenaline. I kept vocals and piano, and did a new bass-track, drums, and two guitar tracks (one of them slide). I benefited greatly from advise by Önder Nomaler, although he should not be blamed for the crudeness of the result. Please click the image below to access the video on Youtube.

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Two international policy reports published


2015 saw the publication of two international policy reports to which I contributed. On 10 November, the UNESCO Science Report was published and presented. In December, the UNIDO Industrial Development Report 2016 was published and presented at UNU-headquarters in Tokyo.

In the World Science Report, I was co-author of chapter 2, together with Elvis Avengo, Chiao-Ling Chien, Hugo Hollanders, Luciana Marins and Martin Schaaper. The chapter looks at international trends in Research and Development (R&D), especially at foreign direct investment related to R&D and innovation. Luc Soete also contributed to the report. The report can be downloaded here.


In the Industrial Development Report, I contributed chapter 2 (although this is not specifically attributed to a specific author in the report), which deals with the role of technology and innovation in the process of structural transformation and growth. Eddy Szirmai also contributed a chapter, and some of my work was done jointly with Mary Kaltenberg. The IDR can be downloaded here.

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Thijs on the Crossroads

Thijs speelt de blues en dan kom je op een gegeven moment op een kruispunt... Wie hij daar tegenkwam is moeilijk te zeggen, maar sinds die achternamiddag op het platteland van Laar klinken de noten die uit zijn gitaar komen een stuk beter...

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