We Came As Strangers is an indie-band including guitarist Justin Sandercoe. They organized two remix competitions, offering others the opportunity to use the raw stems of their music to produce an own perspective on their songs. I took the challenge and put together a remix of Adrenaline. I kept vocals and piano, and did a new bass-track, drums, and two guitar tracks (one of them slide). I benefited greatly from advise by Önder Nomaler, although he should not be blamed for the crudeness of the result.

Here is the re-mixed track on Youtube:

There are many kinds of blues, but as far as I am concerned the center of the blues lies in Mississippi! Blues from the Delta is pure and raw, and the special sub-genre that gets me going is Hill Country Blues. Mississippi Fred McDowell is a founding father, while RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough were the heroes of the revival of the 1990s and 2000s. Today, Hill Country Blues is very much alive with modern artists such as North Mississippi Allstars, Ligthnin Malcolm, Cedric Burnside (RL's grandson) and Kenny Brown.

The rhythmic style of the Hill Country is well illustrated in this early coverage of Fred McDowell (who does not play no rock'n roll):


One of the things that I greatly regret is never having been able to hear some of the great Blues men of the 1960s and before play. If I could go back in time and hear just one of them, my pick would certainly be Hound Dog Taylor. He may not be the most sophisticated player among the great ones, but he played the blues just as I like them: raw, rough, dirty, but with a lot of boogie, and, most of the time, up tempo.

If you are on Spotify, I invite you to have a look and listen to some of my playlists that feature my favoutite styles: blues, rock and bluesrock.

Here is one that combines Hill Country Blues with some nice (classic) rock, as well as some other blues:

Thijs speelt de blues en dan kom je op een gegeven moment op een kruispunt... Wie hij daar tegenkwam is moeilijk te zeggen, maar sinds die achternamiddag op het platteland van Laar klinken de noten die uit zijn gitaar komen een stuk beter...