Oxford University Press just published the book "New Perspectives on Structural Change", which was edited by Neil Foster-McGregor, Ludo Alcorta, Eddy Szirmai and myself. We worked on this book for several years, with a large team of authors, who are all top scholars in the field.

New Perspectives on Structural Change is a comprehensive edited volume that outlines both the historical roots and state-of-the-art debates on the role of structural change in the process of economic development, including both orthodox and heterodox perspectives and contributions from prominent scholars in this field. The volume consists of four main sections. The first section covers the theoretical foundations of the structural change literature. The second section presents an empirical overview of the major trends of structural change, using up-to-date data sources and methods. The third section presents a broad ranging empirical analysis of the drivers of structural change. The fourth section examines how processes such as inclusive growth, poverty reduction, productive employment, the global income distribution, and environmental sustainability are affected by structural change, and how they can be influenced by policy.

You can find (and buy, although it is not cheap) the book on the OUP page.